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Asset Management using AxiomCM

One of the most difficult tasks faced by Commercial and Military managers of complex and expensive systems is the initial identification and on-going management of asset (hardware parts and software) configuration and logistic data. If handled well, asset management can yield significant cost savings and contribute to the overall efficient analysis, operation and management of a system(s); and contribute to safe and cost-effective system operation.

The one constant in this environment is change, whereby system management requirements and asset configuration attributes evolve constantly. This variability can lead to an overly complicated asset configuration situation, requiring the management of multiple configurations and associated data. The proper tracking and configuration management of assets is therefore a crucial task, which is all too often inadequately handled.

Consequently, attempting to conduct vital support analysis through asset configuration management can consume vast amounts of resources, schedule and budget. Sophisticated software applications have been developed to assist in asset configuration management; however, they are usually extremely complicated and typically used by a very select segment of the management workforce. Add to this complexity the numerous other software applications that are used to track/manage assets and even with a high level of commitment and a suite of specialist tools, the required outcomes are habitually difficult to achieve and invariably inaccurate.

Agile’s extensive experience in the conduct of all aspects of system logistic support and analysis, and the essential prerequisite asset definition and configuration management, uniquely positions Agile to define, manage and optimise your system. This experience has ensured a practical and straightforward approach to the development of the functionality contained in the AxiomCM suite.

The level of Asset Configuration Management required to support a system is a delicate balancing act between existing and mandatory management systems, and the need to have a ‘one-truth’ repository that can not only synchronise these existing systems but support the majority of logistic analysis tasks and reports in a simple and logical manner.

AxiomCM permits every part of the organisation to view and update the various elements captured, thereby ensuring that the entire organisation is always looking at the most up-to-date information.  This ‘one-truth’ repository is then able to accurately support other data systems, analysis and reporting. Axiom CMTM can be utilised at any stage of the system lifecycle, from concept to sustainment.

AxiomCM empowers your whole organisation by providing an integrated and common view of your asset system that is available to support every organisational function requiring access to accurate system data.

The AxiomCM software application has been developed over 12 years of real-world system management scenarios and is specifically designed to meet this centralised 'one-truth’ repository need. The key feature of AxiomCM is simplicity and relevance to current asset management and support requirements. 



Agile can provide a range of support and training options to support your system  Asset Management requirements.  Agile has extensive experience with the correlation, integration and validation of Client data. 

Agile can semi-automatically build an initial AxiomCM system file from Client data to expedite the system asset management process or provide support to any level of system construction.

Agile can also support a range of logistic analysis activities designed to optimise your system.

Key Functions

  • Multi System Management
  • Physical and Functional Configuration Management 
  • Automatically generated Unique Asset Identification Number System (LCN - Logistic Control Number)
  • Comprehensive Configuration Drag, Drop and Clone functionality
  • Data Collection Traffic Light System (based on User defined selection)
  • High Visibility of Parts Configuration and Data
  • Part Evolution Tracking (Part number roll, optional part number, alternate part/manufacturer)
  • Effectivity (multiple builds)
  • Maintenance Task Management 
  • Part Authorised-Fit Management (Authority to Fit)
  • Configuration User Reference Recording
  • Supply Support Module
  • Order, Ship, Receipt and Accept module
  • Asset Level of Repair Analysis (LORA) decision recording

Configuration Manager

Fully understanding your system structure is a fundamental precursor for all analysis, reporting and management activities.  AxiomCMTM Configuration Manager allows for the rapid development of simple, or extremely complex, indentured system structures.  Most management functions are automated, reducing manual data entry and data error, thereby ensuring data integrity.  Drag & Drop functionality simplifies building the structure and provides for rapid and pragmatic construction of product configuration.

Part Details

Part Details functionality allows the capture of a large range of Logistic and Supply data attributes, including multiple Reference Numbers to allow simple and effective cross-referencing between management systems.

  • Multiple Part Allocation per Position
  • Multiple Part Reference Recording
  • Part Evolution Recording
  • Pricing Data
  • Codification Data
  • Provisioning Data
  • Supply/Repair Data
  • Initial Warehouse Stock Level Recording
  • Reliability Data

Configuration Analyser

Once the system structure is defined, part information (Effectivity, Authority to Fit) can be added via the Configuration Analyser. Part Effectivity captures individual Effectivity/Authority to Fit, by Product Baseline (PBL) or individual System Serials.  All LORA decisions for this part are also displayed and hot-linked to all instances of this part. Configuration Analyser provides a single-screen view of system configuration and any element within, together with all related data.

Level Of Repair Analysis

Basic Part LORA information is captured to support Logistic and Supply modelling and analysis.  Agile is currently incorporating its straightforward and proven LORA Decision module that will feed and expand the current Part LORA data capture.

Tasks/Scheduled Servicing Parts Identification

The ability to rapidly identify the parts required for Planned/Routine/Scheduled tasking has continually been difficult to achieve. The AxiomCMTM Tasks module records Tasks and their associated Parts, plus Support and Test Equipment (S&TE) and Personnel; against both the system level (e.g. Inspections) and/or at the Part level (e.g. Remove and Replace).

Order, Ship, Receipt and Accept

The integrated OSRA module provides a complete part ordering, shipping, receipting and acceptance process for the acquisition phase, typically when company asset management systems are not populated and/or operational.

AxiomCM Expansion

Agile has previously developed and ‘proven’ a range of integrated Logistic modules and has plans for development of several other practical support modules. These modules are all centred on the core asset configuration data contained in AxiomCM.

Any of the following modules can be developed and/or customised to the Client’s specific requirements and incorporated into AxiomCM.

The following modules are being incorporated into AxiomCM.

  • LORA (economic/non-economic) 
  • Data Expors to support:
    • Spares Optimisation
    • Life Cycle Costing
    • Operational and Logistics Analysis
  • Interfaces with existing corporate tool data:
    • Commercial - SAP
    • Military - MIL-STD-1388-2B Interface (LSAR to Axiom – Import/Analyse/Select/Update)
  • Maintenance Source Data Analysis
  • Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA)

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